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This Guy Losing His Shit At Creamfields Is Really Something

There are people, and then there are people at dance festivals. NSFW, because of the naked dancing man.

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So it was Creamfields over the weekend. This guy was there.

Creamfields is a weird place with weird people

If that wasn't enough, here he is from another angle.

This geezer absolutely on a fucking mad one 😂😂😂😂

He was quite popular.


The main thing: At least he's enjoying himself.

Also at Creamfields: There was the person who dragged a shoe around with them saying it was a dog.

@CFCUNTWATCH this guy pulled a loafer round on a lead for a day and said it was his dog

This guy who couldn't possibly get closer to the speakers.

@Creamfields isn't for everyone I suppose

Someone asked this important question: "What are those?!"


There was still time for checking messages among all the action.

“@CFCUNTWATCH: When you're in a Ket hole but have to tweet Gary Lineker saying shat on the pitch ” @Wakeford_m ADAM😂😂😂

See you next year, Creamfields.

"*pops head out of tent* got a stripe goin spare there chief"