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    Side-Boob, Amazeballs, And FML Are Now Officially Part Of The English Language

    All these words and more have been added to today. Finally, mansplain's time has come.

    Adorbs / iStock

    Definition: (informal) arousing great delight; cute or adorable.


    Twitter: @KendalCalling

    Definition: (informal) very impressive, enjoyable, or attractive.


    gmast3r / iStock

    Definition: (Brit. informal) very; really (used as an intensifier).


    Flickr: 106063216@N06 / Creative Commons

    Definition: (informal) watch multiple episodes of (a television programme) in rapid succession.

    Bro hug

    Definition: (US informal) friendly embrace between two men.


    altrendo images / Stockbyte

    Definition: (vulgar slang) fuck my life! (used to express dismay at a frustrating personal situation).


    Nastco / iStock

    Definition: (Brit. informal) (of a man) strong, fit, and having well-developed muscles.


    CURAphotography / iStock

    Definition: (informal) (make) an ostensibly modest or self-deprecating statement whose actual purpose is to draw attention to something of which one is proud.


    Emin Ozkan / Hemera

    Definition: (informal) (of a man) explain something to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronising.

    Many other words have been added today, including:

    – Air punch, n.: thrusting one's clenched fist up into the air, typically as a gesture of triumph.

    – Bedroom tax, n.: (in the UK) informal name for a measure introduced in the Welfare Reform Act 2012.

    – Cotch, v.: (Brit. informal) spend time relaxing; stay or sleep somewhere on a temporary basis.

    – Cray, adj. (also cray cray): (US informal) crazy.

    – Douchebaggery, n.: (N. Amer. informal) obnoxious or contemptible behaviour.

    – Hate-watch, v.: (informal) watch (a television programme) for the sake of the enjoyment derived from mocking or criticising it.

    – Hippotherapy, n.: horse riding as a therapeutic or rehabilitative treatment.

    – ICYMI, abbrev.: (informal) in case you missed it.

    – Neckbeard, n.: (informal) growth of hair on a man's neck, especially when regarded as indicative of poor grooming.

    – Olinguito, n.: a small nocturnal tree-dwelling mammal living in cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador.

    – Side boob, n.: (informal) the side part of a woman's breast, as exposed by a revealing item of clothing.

    – SMH, abbrev.: (informal) shaking (or shake) my head (used to express disapproval, exasperation, etc).

    – Subtweet, n.: (informal) (on Twitter) a post that refers to a particular user without directly mentioning them, typically as a form of furtive mockery or criticism.

    – Throw shade, phr.: (US informal) publicly criticise or express contempt for someone.

    – Vape, v.: inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.

    – WDYT, abbrev.: (informal) what do you think?

    – YOLO, abbrev.: (informal) you only live once (expressing the view that one should make the most of the present moment).

    Beware, however – these words have not been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

    Well, at least not yet. These are are all new additions to the free online dictionary, which represents current language usage and is run by the Oxford University Press, which also owns the OED. Getting in the online version is the first step to getting in the OED proper.

    The company monitors the language people use, including online media, to determine which words it should define and add throughout the year.

    In one chilling line from the company's press release, it says that "side-boob" is 10 times more common in the UK than the US, "due in part to its frequent use in the British media".

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