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    Redditor With The Username Coolsexguy420boner Claims He Dated Kate Upton At School

    If this is true, anything is possible.

    Update 20 Feb. 5.50 pm GMT: The picture was a hoax.

    The Redditor's claim is false and the person in the picture knew nothing about the Reddit thread and wasn't in a relationship with Kate Upton. See the full story here.

    Here is super-famous swimsuit model Kate Upton in 2007. With her is Redditor coolsexguy420boner - who claims he dated her for a few months during high school.

    He says he dated her for a few months in 2007 while they were both in the 9th grade (aged 14 to 15) at the Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, in Melbourne, Florida. She was, he says, the first girl he kissed and he claims to have loads more pictures saved on his MySpace and will post them if he can remember his password.

    BuzzFeed has contacted him to ask for any more proof of this. All we know right now is that this is definitely a picture of Kate Upton and... someone, who may or may not be coolsexguy420boner.

    Needless to say, this has piqued the interest of the Reddit community.

    Commenters are incredulous that coolsexguy420boner split up with her.

    In fairness to him, they were 15 at the time.

    And why the coolsexguy420boner username?

    Kate was last seen floating around in zero gravity for Sports Illustrated's 50th anniversary issue.

    She's on the back cover of this month's issue.

    Presenting 2014's BACK COVER featuring @KateUpton! #SISwim50

    SI Swimsuit@SI_Swimsuit

    Presenting 2014's BACK COVER featuring @KateUpton! #SISwim50

    06:54 AM - 18 Feb 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    Here's to you, coolsexguy420boner.

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