23 Reasons Wetherspoons Is The Best Thing That Happened To Britain

Beer, burgers, excellent value, converted churches and lone men muttering to themselves. Spoons, we salute you.

1. Its value is unbeatable.

Getty / Matt Cardy

2. Even in London.

3. Good luck trying to find anywhere else offering this immortal deal.

Flickr: stevies_snaps / Creative Commons

4. Or how about the CURRY CLUB every Thursday?

Yes, it’s microwaved. And no, I don’t care.

5. Or the fairly respectable Sunday roast?

6. OK, the food isn’t exactly Michelin-starred, but at least it’s not pretentious.

7. Check out how the gin and tonic price compares to London hotels.

Ace spin marketing wetherspoons... Free service too?! Wow!

— vicci (@vicclesticks)


Flickr: sheds / Creative Commons

Flickr: sheds / Creative Commons

Flickr: charlie59 / Creative Commons



Flickr: charlie59 / Creeative Commons

Flickr: charlie59 / Creative Commons

Flickr: charlie59 / Creative Commons


9. There is top rate “banter”.

The irony of this Wetherspoons is that most of the people in here only know enough words to talk about the weather, and spoons.

— JaackMaate (@JaackMaate)

10. There are always some friendly locals.

I've only been in Wetherspoons for five minutes and someone has already smelled my neck. Nice.

— Clare (@iliketweet)

Wetherspoons in Motherwell is a funny place.A total mix of pychos,trendies n muso types all collectively appreciating the cheapness X

— Alistair Burton (@smALLgReentABLE)

11. Wetherspoons has WIFI, is always open and no one minds you hanging around in there all day.

Getty / Matt Cardy

12. And, if you like, you can get a pint ridiculously early and no one judges you.

Actually maybe this isn’t entirely a good thing. Alcoholism is not to be encouraged. But they do coffee and breakfasts too, you know.

Wetherpoons for breakfast en masse. Always cheering to see someone on their 2nd pint by 10:30

— Noble Bachelorette (@_Mellers)

13. J.D. Wetherspoon is named after a teacher who told the company’s founder, Tim Martin, he’d never succeed in business.

Fiona Hanson/PA Archive/Press Association Images

14. Even though it gets busy, you can expect a British orderly queue.

15. Wetherspoons uses local buildings that might otherwise get knocked down, like swimming pools, churches and post offices.

Flickr: ell-r-brown / Creative Commons

Flickr: tfpc / Creative Commons


And while the British pub industry continues to shrink – at a rate of about 18 a week, according to CAMRA – Wetherspoons opened 29 pubs last year and passed the 900 mark this year, with more to come.

And theatres, like the Llandudno Palladium.

Flickr: 13947610@N06 / Creative Commons

You might see the odd organ in the converted churches.

This one in Tunbridge Wells is ridiculous.

16. Some Spoons may be dingy but some of them have toilets like this.

17. Spoons isn’t just for boozehounds, it’s for lovers too.

Nothing says I love you like valentines on wetherspoons....

— Tippers (@talktotippers)

18. And don’t forget Christmas.

For fat families on a diet, coming to Wetherspoon's on Christmas Day & ordering the child meals might be an option?

— Andrew P. Sykes (@CyclingEurope)

19. It’s great if you’ve got kids – they do a drawing competition. Even through pissed adults enter their own ironic efforts.

20. Any trip to Spoons is enlivened by reading Wetherspoons magazine, which tackles THE most important issues of our age.

Tim Martin, the company chairman, always replies with a witty response.

These people really like bhajis.

Funny how a lot of very positive letters get printed in the mag.

21. They opened a pub on a motorway – Junction 2 of the M40 at Beaconsfield – which is either amazing or represents the downfall of civilisation.

Getty / Oli Scarff

(It’s actually amazing).

22. You can get married in them!

Christopher McQuiggin

The Knights Templar on Chancery Lane in London is licensed to carry out weddings. And what a splendid place to have one.

23. All in all, it’s one big Spoons family. You can throw up in a bush and no one will think less of you.

Flickr: kelvynskee / Creative Commons

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