Newspaper Invites Anyone To Submit To Their Liveblog, Carnage Predictably Ensues

Things just got interesting in Bridlington, thanks to the people contributing tweets to the #Bridnews hashtag.

1. If you visited the Bridlington Free Press website today you may have seen some extra-interesting news. People have realised that ANY tweet with the #bridnews hashtag will appear in its liveblog.

3. The paper, owned by Johnston Press, uses liveblogging tech from CoveritLive, which simply pulls in all tweets with that hashtag. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

4. The #Bridnews hashtag continued on and on, all being broadcast to Free Press readers. There was important public service information.

6. Warnings about wildlife on the loose.

#bridnews Man made of kestrels spotted zigzagging down Fortyfoot. Public are advised to stay away from mice.




8. Scientific observations.

Birds are dinosaurs #bridnews

— Kelly Oakes (@kahoakes)

9. This guy was VERY up to date on the latest Bridlington news.

sacked chimney-sweep pumps boss full of mayonnaise #bridnews

— paul mitchell (@paujosmit)

Crazed wolves in store a bad mistake admits Mothercare #bridnews

— paul mitchell (@paujosmit)

Bridlington headmaster suspended for using big-faced child as satellite dish #Bridnews

— paul mitchell (@paujosmit)

Child made of paint wins by-election. #bridnews

— paul mitchell (@paujosmit)

13. There was this charming mini-poem about arms.

#bridnews My arms are great. Look at my arms. Arms. #arms


14. This guy was trapped INSIDE the liveblog like Jeff Bridges in Tron.

#bridnews help im trapped in the internet, if you're reading this you're my only hope. please alert the authorities, i am trapped in the web

— Rory (@RoryMaybe)

15. I didn’t know this about Bridlington.

TIL Andre the Giant and Macho Man Randy Savage were both born in Bridlington #bridnews

— Mr Surveyor (@inspiringlondon)

16. It didn’t take long for BuzzFeed UK employees to get involved.

18. We are well and truly through the fourth wall.

19. Meanwhile, in actual Bridlington…

20. Bridlington, we salute you.

Tracy Hebden / iStock

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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