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28 Dads Who Are Unquestionably Winning At Parenthood

Warning: men behaving dadly up ahead.

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1. This dad who checked into a hotel in Florida in the most dad underpants ever worn.

2. This dad who caught the ball AND didn't drop the baby.

3. This dad who totally gets Throwback Thursday.

4. The dad who wrote this important medical information on a hospital whiteboard.

5. This world-class dad-dancer at Coachella.

6. The dad who took a year and a half to respond to a text message.

7. The dad who bought this Valentine's card without so much as reading the front.

8. These quick-thinking dads who saved the day.

9. The dad who staged this excellent photo.

10. This 1979 dad rocking a timeless t-shirt.

11. This dad's reaction to his two sons going away to university, leaving him with his wife and daughter.

12. Cliff.

13. This dad, a master of technology.

14. These dad-proof remote controls.

15. This cake-catching legend.

16. This fashion-forward beast, on holiday in Costa Rica.

17. This dad who is enjoying Christmas more than anyone.

18. The dad who got his son to take part in this Street Fighter II routine.

19. When this dad couldn't quite get the hang of using his phone's voice services to send a text.

20. This dad who can't be arsed buying Christmas cards every year.

21. The dads who figured out these hair hacks.

22. Just ... this guy.

23. This dad who went a bit crazy tackling a wasp problem in his back yard.

24. This dad who fell asleep holding an imaginary drink.

25. The dad who made this amazing stop motion animation.

26. This tiara-wearing dad.

27. Dave Grohl.

28. This dad who loves his baby almost too much.