Meet The Man Who Writes Cryptic Puzzles On Envelopes To Test Royal Mail

    Designer James Addison has been testing the puzzle-solving abilities of Royal Mail with cryptic clues and games written on envelopes. Every single one was delivered to the right destination. Via Puzzles for Postmen.

    Designer James Addison likes puzzles. Specifically, writing coded addresses on envelopes to see if they will reach their destination via Royal Mail.

    1. He asked the postie to read just the first letter of every word.

    2. He drew a pigeon and wrote a little story about him.

    3. He wrote an address in a spiral across the whole envelope.

    4. He wrote an address on a wiggly line.

    5. He forced the postie to read to the end of an essay before getting to the address.

    6. He even just drew a picture of the desired destination.

    7. Perhaps most bizarrely, he wrote an address in the form of dramatic dialogue.

    8. There was this Shakespearean sonnet.

    9. And this jaunty limerick.

    10. Some puzzles are easy while others are slightly more taxing.

    11. This pictogram required a little bit of analytical thinking.

    12. On this one, postal workers had to take part in a game of Hangman to figure out the address.