Can You Get Through This Post Without Laughing Once?

    If you get through this without laughing then you're really something. A couple are NSFW.

    1. This cat that just can't handle it.

    2. This EDM goat.

    3. This unspeakable strangeness.

    4. When humankind met its greatest foe: Shellfish.

    5. These dance moves.

    6. "Hello?"

    7. This beautiful Beethoven rendition.

    8. The one with the unexpected appearance.

    9. This cat bustin' rhymes.

    10. Bruno Mars' greatest hit.

    11. This fox-loving woman and her unimpressed companion.

    12. This guy enjoying his trampoline.

    13. Conspiracy theory baby.

    14. "Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq war".

    15. Everything from the Vine account "Lawnmower Flying to Music".

    16. Squidward.

    17. This possesed vacuum cleaner.

    18. The Teletubbies at night.

    19. This cat who wants a treat.

    20. This squirrel flying a plane.

    21. This turnt unicorn.

    22. This teacher, casually greeting his class.

    23. This heart-breaking version of "I Will Always Love You".

    24. ObamaCat.

    25. This Vine with a heartfelt ending.


    A previous version of this post said Number 7 was Mozart, it is in fact Beethoven. Our bad, we were slightly distracted.