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    24 Truly Appalling Estate Agent Pictures

    These, via Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos, will make you think where you live right now isn't that bad after all.

    While looking for a house in 2013, Andy Donaldson noticed that there were some really awful property pictures out there.

    So he did the sensible thing and started a Tumblr, collecting pictures from around the world.

    "I was househunting and was constantly appalled by the quality of some of the images," he told BuzzFeed. "I stuck some on Facebook along with some snarky comments and it went down well with friends, so I started a blog."

    The site went viral that September and has had around 7 million visits to date, with the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Australia providing most of the visitors.

    Donaldson, a senior digital manager, insisted all the photos are genuine and from real property sites, from South Africa to Kazakhstan. He added that among his biggest fans are estate agents themselves: "Reaction from estate agents has been universally positive, and many of them have featured the blog on their own sites as an illustration of how not to do it."

    A book is coming out based on the blog later this year. Here's a selection, including some of Andy's favourites:

    1. Nice touch by the organisers of the firing squad to give everyone a seat.

    2. "Bless this house" is more traditional.

    3. Tragically, this is what happens when a Smurf bursts.

    4. If you don't mind doing a poo in a kitchen, you probably won't mind doing it next to a window either.

    5. Something awful must have happened on this toilet for the owners to have erected tidal defences.

    6. This is called this the "blue room".

    7. The man-sized stuffed fox from your nightmares is a unique feature.

    8. Potential buyers are advised not to think about what happens in this room when your back is turned and the light begins to fade.

    9. If you for some reason have to feature the tenants in your property's picture, you could at least let them get dressed first.

    10. Top tip: Save on expensive photography by using images provided by paranormal investigators.

    11. The owners say the pool will be dredged before anyone moves in.

    12. This photo makes it completely clear which house is for sale.

    13. "Close to local transport links."

    14. Never stand in line waiting for the toilet ever again.

    15. Or get lonely.

    16. If you ever hide a body in your attic, maybe leave the country before the estate agent comes 'round to take some photos.

    17. A rare example of what architectural historians refer to as a “fertility window”.

    18. "Early viewing is recommended as there has already been considerable interest. Mostly from horses."

    19. After weeks of waiting, the estate agent finally captures a pair of wild mattresses at a watering hole.

    20. Something doesn't look quite right about this one.

    21. This house comes with a WHAT IS GOING ON discount.

    22. "If he still hasn't finished his crossword, he comes with the house."

    23. Attention to detail is very important. For example, here the agent has dragged the body outside before taking the photograph.

    24. "Don't mind the horse — after a few days you hardly notice him."