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19 Playgrounds That Will Haunt Your Worst Nightmares

Actually, I think I'll just play indoors today, thanks.

1. This fun-looking thing.

2. This jolly structure.

3. This bear holding a child who is having a great time.

4. This inflatable chef and his...entrance.

5. These colourful, urinating boys.

6. "I love you, disturbing three-headed dragon."

7. The woman above this slide, who has just one breast for some reason.

8. This creepy clown chair.

9. Is it really necessary for this pig to have breasts?

10. This dog that is surprised to have a rail for a penis.

11. There's something wrong with this slide. But I can't put my finger on it.

12. This inexplicable cannabilistic sausage.

13. This clown who is pleased to see you.

14. This thing covered in beheaded monkeys.

15. This slide which is rather pleased with itself.

16. Better out than in.

17. "Take your medicine, Mr Bear."

18. This climbing thing in Poland that in no way looks like a penis.

19. And this fun feature, which will definitely not give anyone nightmares.