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    This Kid Flew Around In A Circle On A Giant Arm And People Are Really Into It

    How can six seconds contain such joy?

    Behold: A small child being sent flying in a circle by a soft giant rotating arm of doom.

    It was posted by Kierra Santillan, a writer and student at Indiana University, and it appears to have been filmed at the Indiana Black Expo's Summer Celebration in Indianapolis last month.

    The original has been viewed almost 10 million times on Vine. But that was only the start – in the last 24 hours it's developed into a fine meme.

    There's the "I Believe I Can Fly" remix.

    The "You Raise Me Up" edition.

    The High School Musical version.

    Someone even put some Enya into the mix.

    And perhaps most majestically, the Whitney Houston version.

    Keep flying, kid.

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