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Tesco's Self-Service Checkouts Now Say "Merry Christmas" And It's Creeping People Out

Unexpected greeting in the bagging area.

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Something weird is happening in a supermarket near you.


Something not normal at all.

The tesco self service just shouted HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS at me and I've never been more scared w haaahahahahahahaba hahahah

Yes, the self-service checkouts at Tesco now say "Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!" every time you finish using them.

BuzzFeed News tested a self-checkout in London's Soho, while buying a BLT sandwich that was no less than 32% of our daily recommended salt intake. Shoppers went about their business as normal.

There appeared to be no noticeable mental strain on the staff who have to listen to a dozen machines saying "HO HO HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS", all day long, not quite in unison.

It also plays "Jingle Bells" while you're scanning stuff.

As if the Tesco self service lane voice couldn't get any worse, it now sounds like Santa, says "Ho Ho Ho" and jingles while you pay. Christ.

Tesco confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the festive greeting is being added to ALL self-service checkouts by 10 December and they will stop saying it on 27 December.

Tesco also pointed out that only customers who scan their Clubcard get the jingle bell noise.

Not everyone is impressed.

RT @jesspIease: the self checkouts at tesco currently say "Ho Ho Ho merry christmas" and the man next to me just went "fuck off" to it

Does anyone else find the self service tills at tesco which say Ho Ho Ho at you as you take your shopping slightly sinister?

Some people were REALLY unimpressed.

Tesco self service checkouts now exclaim "ho ho ho, merry Christmas!", and I've never wanted to set a building on fire so much in my life.

Fucked off today. The tesco self-service checkout earlier played sleigh bells at me and I wanted to set fire to it. Merry fucking Christmas.

While others thought they might be losing the plot.

I swear the checkout at Tesco just jingled at me someone please confirm that this happens and I'm not losing it?

An automated till occasionally saying "HO HO HO" is, apparently, creepy.

The checkout machines at tesco go ho ho ho now and it's fucking creepy AF.

Of course, some shoppers love robotic shop assistants being merry all day long.

Tesco brightening up my afternoon with this window display and a self checkout wishing me Merry Christmas 👍

But for many, the realisation is just dawning that we're all going to have be wished a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" every single time we use a Tesco self-service checkout.

the self checkout in tesco saying merry christmas once iv finished my shopping, have a day off you prick

@HarvMorgan im as jolly as the next man, but don't have a checkout sing ho ho ho merry christmas at me. I JUST WANNA BUY LUCOZADE FAM

Still, at least it makes a change from what self-service machines usually say.

However, there is a cure for all self-service noise-related problems: There is a mute button and you can TURN OFF the sound.

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