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The 24 Most Delightful Vines Of 2014 So Far

You'll laugh, you'll cry, in six seconds only.

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1. Daz Black is one of the first people on Vine in the UK to pass one million followers (if you don't count Harry Styles).

Remember to unmute all these vines to hear them (it's the button in the top left).

2. He is very silly.

3. @Bottlerocket's vines are consistently LOL.

4. Sione Maraschino, says "I'm not fat because I dance. I dance because I'm fat". This, from just before Christmas, is him celebrating getting to 300,000 followers.

5. Adorable Welsh father and son duo Ben and Harley, whom we've already featured, find out about sweets at bedtime the hard way.

6. Rudy Mancuso is hands down one of the funniest people on Vine (many of his 3.1 million followers probably agree).



9. Sara Hopkins, from North Carolina, and her dog are good value entertainment.

10. Ian Padgham (@Origiful) makes the most hypnotic, artistic vines.


12. Zach King continues to wow us with his tricksy sleight-of-hand vines.

13. Robby Ayala enjoys his One Direction (in secret).

14. LONDON BATMAN is bringing the caped crusader to the nation's capital.

15. Andy Dawson, aka @profanityswan, shouts at the telly.

16. There's some satisfyingly unsettling about this, from Peter Heacock.

17. Masood and Saleh, two British Asian brothers who are sweet and funny without trying too hard.

18. Michelle Obama dunking while videobombing an interview will never get old.

19. This is a good way to bag yourself a free iPad at conferences.

20. King Daddy displays a magical mixture of his own children...

21. And talking animals.

22. Jerry Purpdrank shows the perils of a life led through social media.

23. Funny lip reading videos are nothing new but they are great on Vine.

24. They can also improve songs dramatically.