Someone Made A Map Of Every Rude Place Name In The UK

    There are a lot of places called Bottom. But thankfully only one Doffcocker.

    The UK is full of rude place names. The North West has a Two Butt Lane and a Pincock, while Yorkshire is arguably worse, boasting an Upperthong.

    South Wales includes such classics as Pwllypant, Cwm Farteg, and Bully-Hole Bottom.

    Northumberland has an Ogle and a Frolic in close proximity, as well as Bushygap.

    Cornwall has not one but two Shag Rocks and a Brown Willy.

    Sussex is notable for having Dicker, The Dicker, and Upper Dicker all nearby.

    There is also a surprising number of place names that are also emotions (Seething, Corney, Lusty).

    All this is from the Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names, available from Strumpshaw, Tincleton and Giggleswick.