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The 57 Times Theresa May Has Said "Strong And Stable Leadership" So Far Since She Called The Election

It's the one phrase the prime minister literally cannot stop saying.

Outside Downing Street, 18 April


She said: "It was with reluctance that I decided the country needs this election, but it is with strong conviction that I say it is necessary to secure the strong and stable leadership the country needs to see us through Brexit and beyond."

Walmsley Parish Hall, Bolton, 19 April


She said: "We delivered that strong and stable leadership, we delivered the certainty that strong and stable leadership can give. And that’s what leadership looks like. Now there’s a very clear choice at this election. It’s a choice between strong and stable leadership under the Conservatives, or weak and unstable coalition of chaos led by Jeremy Corbyn.

A toothpaste factory in Maidenhead, 21 April

Leon Neal/PA Wire/PA Images

In a now all-too familiar line, May said the public were offered a choice between "strong and stable government" with the Tories or "a coalition of chaos led by Jeremy Corbyn."

Netherton Conservative Club, Dudley, 22 April

Chris Radburn/PA Wire/PA Images

She said: "And it is only by having a strong and stable government that we can get that right deal and it is only with that strong and stable leadership that we can ensure that we secure that brighter future because Brexit is not just a process, it is an opportunity."

Note: The Dudley number does not include the SIX "strong and stable" mentions in the Q&A session. She was repeatedly asked if the Tories would change their tax policies in the run-up to the election, but would not be drawn on the policy.

This article in the Western Mail, 24 April


She said: "And it is a chance to cast a positive vote for the strong and stable leadership we need to deliver on the democratic will of the British people."

Brackla community centre, Bridgend, 25 April


She said: "And that’s the security that you get from a strong and stable government and strong and stable leadership. Indeed, it’s actually what leadership looks like. And the choice at this election is very clear. It’s a choice between that strong and stable leadership under the Conservatives or a weak and unstable coalition of chaos led by Jeremy Corbyn

Note: The Bridgend count does not include the two separate mentions of "strong leadership" and six separate mentions of "stronger", in the same speech.

Prime minister's questions, 26 April

Jeremy Corbyn asked a question to May from Christopher, who told him his husband had only received a 1% pay rise over the last five years.

She replied: "What I can say to Christopher is that he will have a choice at the next election, a choice between the strong and stable leadership of the Conservatives, which will secure our economy for the future, and a Labour party which would crash our economy."

And Michael Fabricant MP managed to say "strong and stable" six times while asking May a question during PMQs.

In total, she said the word "strong" 31 times at PMQs.

In response to BBC Radio Derby asking "Do you know what a mugwump is?" on 27 April.


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