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    These People Have Been Nominated As The Sexiest Farmers In Britain

    When these farmers aren't shearing sheep, they're stealing hearts. Via Farmers Weekly.

    1. Meet James Hall, 32, from Somerset, one of the 10 finalists in Farmers Weekly's Britain's Sexiest Farmer 2015 competition. There is only one word: Phwoar.

    He says: "I have the best office in the world – the great British countryside – and you can’t get any better than that."

    2. Josh Knaggs, 20, from County Durham, is so hot he makes the sheep blush.

    3. George Grant, 20, from Lincolnshire, is an arable farmer but the only thing he's harvesting right now is our unrequited affection.

    4. If Elliot Rillie, 21, from Oxfordshire, dresses like this to go out in his tractor, what would he wear on a date?

    5. Laurence Hughes, 54, from Snowdonia, looks like he'd be handy in a crisis. A crisis of the heart.

    6. And now for the women: This is Naomi George, 21, from Powys, who's also studying maths at Cardiff University.

    7. Laura Bacon, 26, from Essex, says farming isn't the best way to become a millionaire, "but it’s the lifestyle and the friends that keep you in it".

    8. Lizi Clubley, 27, from Yorkshire, says farming isn't just "all old boys in flat caps and tractors holding up traffic".

    9. Dairy farmer Nerys Edwards, 34, from Carmarthenshire runs her own cake business AND has four kids.

    10. Shannon Belfield, 19, from Derbyshire, says: "I love milking as I’m slightly cow-mad."

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