Google Was Down For Five Minutes And The Internet Couldn’t Handle It

It was the most frightening time imaginable.

1. GOOGLE IS DOWN! Stand by your beds, don’t be alarmed, this is when humanity sees how much it can remember.

People trying to search for stuff this morning were greeted with a 500 error.

2. People kept their heads pretty admirably.

6. Some people thought it was THE moment that Microsoft’s Bing had been waiting for.


— BuzzFeed UK (@BuzzFeedUK)

7. Someone else made the exact same joke about Alta Vista.

Looks like Google is temporarily down. NOW IT'S ALTAVISTA'S TIME TO SHINE

— Chris Scullion (@scully1888)

8. And Ask Jeeves.

#Google is down! I did think it was the end of the world until I remembered you can

— Gear4DJs (@gear4djs)

9. The whole thing was a significant blow to the IT industry.

Google is down and millions of IT technicians have no way to find out how to fix anything.

— Tom Fisher (@tvrfisher)

10. But most worryingly, it’s at times like this when we realise we don’t actually know anything.

Google is down. Nobody can remember how to find out information by any other means. Civilisation falls.

— Lizzy (@LizzyCampbell)

11. But then several minutes later, the natural order of the internet was restored and Google reappeared. As you were, everyone.

Ok Google is back, but still hearing reports of pterodactyls in skies above London #dontrelaxjustyet

— Rory Cellan-Jones (@ruskin147)

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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