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    This 6-Year-Old Girl's Awesome Dance Routine Will Make Your Day

    Audrey steals the show on this one, big time.

    If you need cheering up, this is straight out of that special section of the internet called "Complete Joy".

    The video was posted to Twitter on Tuesday night by Scout Hoffmeier, from Louisville, Kentucky, and has been retweeted 7,000 times so far.

    The song is "Hit the Quan" by iHeart Memphis, in case you were wondering.

    Scout told us the people in the clip are her younger sister, Crew, and 6-year-old Audrey Nethery (below).

    The Hoffmeiers sometimes look after Audrey, who has a rare condition called diamond blackfan anemia.

    Audrey's mum, Julie, told BuzzFeed: "People with DBA don't make red blood cells, so many must rely on blood transfusions to survive. Others, like Audrey, take steroids that help her body produce red blood cells."

    The DBA Foundation says that people with the condition can lead long and healthy lives given the right medical care.

    Audrey is something of a celebrity: More than 325,000 people have liked her page on Facebook โ€“ and one fan even made her this cool tutu.

    But being the multi-talented internet star she is, she sings too.

    Facebook: video.php

    Find out more about DBA at the DBA Foundation website.

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