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    17 Hilarious Excuses To Call Your Ex, According To Vine

    "So I butt-dialled you, and I just happen to be outside your house." Via viner Jenny Jennings.

    1. Last night viner Jenny Jennings posted this vine, with the hashtag #ExcusesToCallYourEx.

    2. And this one. And a meme was born.

    Here are just some of the best excuses you could use to call your ex, when you know you really shouldn't.

    3. When her Facebook status changes.

    4. When you can finally admit that New Girl is actually pretty good.

    5. When you learn how to put the toilet seat down.

    6. When you feel the need to "drunk call".

    7. When you fake a kidnapping to get back together.

    8. When you've left very important stuff at his house.

    9. When she changes her Netflix password.

    10. When you want to watch Jumanji.

    11. When you call "by accident".

    12. When you're in an uncomfortable place.

    13. When you're in a strange place.

    14. When you're watching Friends and you just wanted her to know.

    15. When it's a special day.

    16. When your ex left something very important at your place.

    17. When there's a hashtag game that you just have to take part in.

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