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    East London Is Rough And West London Is Posh, According To Londoners

    Londoners aren't so keen on the "gritty" east of the city, it seems.

    Pollsters at YouGov asked 1,294 Londoners what they thought of its many neighbourhoods and this is what they said:

    Researchers asked people which attribute they associate with different parts of the city. YouGov then divided the city into four sections based on the results.

    The words most associated with North London were "cosmopolitan" and "suburban".

    A lot of people also though it was "family-friendly".

    West London is "posh" according to 35% of respondents.

    Some 22% also found it "pretentious".

    South London is "rough" according to 30% of people and "dirty" according to 20%.

    Bad news for East London - it can't shake off its grimy reputation and 40% of people who answered YouGov's survey said it was "rough" `and 37% said "poor".

    YouGov says: "Of course, London is a city that is also constantly changing. There are already several major developments, like the CrossRail, new cycle lanes and a 24-hour Underground service, likely to transform the regional make-up of the city in the coming years. "

    Read more here and see the full data.