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    Relax, There Isn't A Zombie Outbreak In Motherwell

    A spoof Motherwell Times story is one of the paper's most popular articles since the death of Margaret Thatcher. But no one would tell BuzzFeed News what to do if we encounter an actual zombie.

    This story in the Motherwell Times today was quite alarming. It told readers about a zombie outbreak in Lanarkshire that happened after medical testing went wrong.

    Some people were battening down the hatches.

    I'm nailing crooked bits of timber to my windows as we speak. "Zombie outbreak in Lanarkshire - Motherwell Times:"

    Some people said the residents of Motherwell are a bit zombie-like anyway.

    @JamieRoss7 @daibhidc I've been to #Motherwell, only difference 'tween zombies and residents is #zombies are more lifelike and less hungover

    But – sorry to disappoint – we called the number in the story and were taken to the switchboard for M&D's, aka Scotland's Theme Park.

    "I've had numerous people call me about this today – it's all because we're doing this thing where you go into a big room and it's full of zombies. It should be a terrifying experience.The experience lasts about 15 minutes and and people under 15 can be admitted when accompanied by an adult. But food and drinking can't be brought in for fear of choking.
    I can't give you that information. A man this morning phoned and said he has a zombie in the back of his car. I said 'do what you want, mate, take him home if you like'. It's basically a joke."

    The fake story was concocted to drum up interest in this Halloween-themed zombie event.

    By tomorrow all will be revealed. But people on our Facebook page seem to get it already.We thought we would have a bit of fun with it. It was something we ran by the theme park a few weeks ago. I have to say I have been surprised at just how much reaction it has got.I thought maybe half a dozen people would see it but it has been one of our most popular stories since Margaret Thatcher died, who obviously wasn't very popular around here.

    Yule added that in today's print edition, the story is followed by an advert for the event. But on the web there's no such context.

    He said the paper will do a proper review of the zombie event soon, which will help readers make sense of the original hoax story.