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    Tesco Is Selling Custard Cream Biscuit Spread And Life Will Never Be The Same


    Every now and then something comes along that changes the way we look at the world. In a biscuit-loving nation such as ours, that something right now is this.

    It's a revolution in biscuits.

    This is not a drill. People are already buying it.

    Some people are already thinking outside the box.

    @mrjamieeast I wonder if you could spread it on actual custard cream biscuits.

    @MrPSB @psmith @Pentadact @mrjamieeast Why not stick two custard creams together using custard cream spread?

    This is next-level biscuitology.

    Mark bought custard cream spread so I just made a custard cream out of two digestives???

    This caused a rift in the biscuit-space-time continuum.

    Ginger biscuits dipped in custard cream spread. That is all

    No one knows what is happening here but it looks amazing.

    On a chocolate hobnob? WHY NOT, IT'S THE 21st CENTURY.

    There are of course other biscuit spreads on the market. But they contain no custard creams at all.

    This now just seems sad and boring in comparison.

    By the way, there is a bourbon biscuit spread too but everyone seems less bothered about that.