22 Things That Could Only Happen In Blackpool

Come for the sea, sand and fun times. Stay for the inflatable penises.

Blackpool. The holiday destination of choice for millions. And easily one of the strangest places in the country.

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1. The trouble with the Great British Seaside is it does to tend to rain occasionally.

2. But that doesn’t dampen anyone’s sprits. It’s the perfect destination for anyone on a stag or hen night.

3. Spotters of stag tour t-shirts will find many classics on display here.

4. If you have a phobia of giant penises, a night out in Blackpool may not be recommended.

5. And don’t forget hen dos.

R chanttelles hen party in blackpool was amazing ♥♥

— Helen (@Helsterx_x)

Walking past a lady at 5pm on the phone stating rather proudly how shed already thrown up twice #onlyinblackpool

— natasha fothergill (@tashafothergill)

6. You may even see the traditional “stag chained to a lamp post”.

7. Or the old cling-film-him-to-a-post thing.

What happens in Blackpool stays in Blackpool. Série photo WTF sur les EVG et EVJF anglais http://t.co/NIsYiP0nt5

— Fluctuat (@Fluctuat)

8. The myth goes that Blackpool has more hotel beds than Greece – and there sure are some GR8 ones.

Must be great this hotel hahahaha #onlyinblackpool

— Lana James (@Alanna_James)

9. And no one can say you don’t get good value for money around here.

10. There is occasionally a man dressed as a nun playing a motorised piano, for some reason.

11. You can buy all sorts of “souvenirs” for your loved ones back home.

This made me and @PaulStorer30 so much when we saw this today #onlyinblackpool

— Lucy Storer (@LucyStorer)

@Mattandjoanne10 look what I just found ! Bought them for you from Blackpool for your stag do. Oops forgot them!

— gemma hayes (@gemma_hayes82)

12. There’s something for everyone.

Just went into a shop, kids toys and a section for sex toys. #OnlyInBlackpool

— Stephen Robinson (@xstex)

13. There’s even fashion to be found.

14. And then there are the donkeys.

Live and exclusive - Blackpool donkeys! #easilyexcited #Shrimpers #SUFC

— tim (@theseaside100)

Who are getting so professional these days they even have their own “out of office” notice.

Fuck me the Donkeys on Blackpool beach are getting more professional

— 'Arry (@Hazza1981)

15. There are many fine tattoo parlours if you’d like to get a more lasting souvenir.

Or how about this masterpiece.

A m8t of mine is in Blackpool for a stag weekend and the TWAT has gone and had a Tattoo look thats why hes a #TWAT

— DEON™DingerZ-Dj (@DING_DONG_D)

16. But it’s not all booze and tat – there are rollercoasters!

Olly y Robbie en Blackpool Pleasure Beach

— Olly Murs Espa༚ (@OllyMurs_Es)

But not everyone has a great time on them.

I must admit, one of the rides on the pier at Blackpool did make me chunder :(

— tommy (@tommy1992_)

really don't think i'm up for blackpool pleasure beach today, probs gonna chunder on all the rides! grim

— Sacha Neersoo (@sachneersoo95)

17. There’s less chance you’ll chunder at the Madame Tussaud’s, which has waxworks of all the big stars – and Jeremy Kyle.

18. But people forget that Blackpool isn’t just a party town. Real people live here, who work and get an education.

19. Of course one of the best things about the town is its colourful locals.


— Jenny Ferguson (@jennyren31)

#OnlyInBlackpool haha

— Chris McManus (@CJMaccy)

20. And an honourable mention to goes to the local football team, Blackpool FC, and their former manager and tactical genius, Paul Ince.

21. So, Blackpool’s a seaside town with everything. Historic piers, amusement parks, sand dunes and beaches …

Must be mad....half hour dash to blackpool #redarrows better put a display on

— Chris Hollick (@ChrisHollick)

22. And this guy.

Only in Blackpool.

— Matt Griffiths (@matt_griffiths_)

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