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    Someone Is Making An Action Film On Vine And It's Splendid

    The actors can't be arsed, the effects are terrible, it's made in someone's kitchen, but it's very funny. All Vines from prod.

    It starts like any other action film. With one guy accusing the other guy's grandma of being an astronaut.

    It appears to have the working title BangTimeStiffTarget. It's essentially one long, super-realistic gunfight.

    BUT WAIT. He was wearing a bulletproof vest all along.

    This scene contains the classic line: "FUCK YOU POOHEAD!"

    The acting is quite sublime.

    It then gets a bit x-rated.

    The dialogue is inspired.

    The action is intense.

    Especially as the gunfire continues while one combatant is on the phone and the other enjoys a cup of tea.

    Jean-Claude Van Damme and Tish of "Broom Broom" fame feature in the latest instalment.

    Who knows where this exciting saga will go next.

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