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The Minions' Voices Slowed Down Are Just A Man Talking Gibberish

Slowed down, it is pretty much just a man saying "banana" into a microphone in a relatively normal fashion. Via Wittertainment.

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Minions. Minions are everywhere. You can't escape them. Their cultural assault on our way of life will never end.

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But do you know what their voices sound before they were speeded up? BBC Radio 5 Live's Kermode and Mayo's Film Review slowed down a clip to find out. / Via

The man responsible for all the Minion voices – yes, ALL of them – is Despicable Me and Minions co-director Pierre Coffin (seen here on the left).

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We slowed down a few more Minions moments – and it really is just Coffin talking gibberish.

This is the Minions' version of the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann" at full speed.

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And here it is slowed down, sounding much more sinister.

Coffin, who is of French / Indonesian descent, told the Kermode and Mayo show how the voice developed:

"Man, I wish I could tell you I did construct a grammar, language and lexicon book, that would make me sound very intelligent, but I can't say it was all planned," he said.

"In the first Despicable Me movie they were all just saying gibberish stuff except for a few words that meant something. In the second movie as they became more central, I needed to have a few more words to carry a little bit more of the story.

"In this prequel, we needed even more language because there was so many of them."

Coffin added that the backstory for the Minions film – that they are an ancient and prehistoric race who have served masters across the world – is a way of explaining their eclectic mix of languages

He says the babbling language has elements of "Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, Spanish."

And now you know.

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