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    Nov 6, 2014

    12 Wedding Photos Improved By Adding Football Manager Steve Bruce

    Brucie sure does improve a wedding snap. Via @bruceaweddings on Twitter.

    1. Former Manchester United defender and current Hull City manager Steve Bruce is a very animated man on the touchline. Which makes him ideal to photoshop into wedding photos, as @bruceatwedding does.

    2. The Twitter account has 23,000 followers and counting. It's unknown whether Bruce himself is aware of the account, or if he actually goes to lots of weddings.

    3. This is Brucie at 11pm with the party in full flow, with the traditional tie around his head.

    4. Here is Brucie trying to get the wedding stopped.

    'But I love her' Steve #stevebruceatweddings

    5. Shaking his stuff.

    6. Getting up close and personal.

    7. Enjoying a romantic first dance.

    8. He even made it to the royal wedding.

    9. And the photoshoot for George and Amal's big day.

    10. Maybe this scene from Game of Thrones will be in a DVD extra.

    11. He had some sage marriage advice, as given to Hull City midfielder Mohamed Diamé.

    12. And there it is, the strangest football meme we've seen in a long while.

    Struggling Steve. #stevebruceatweddings #hcafc #HullCity #MNF


    Struggling Steve. #stevebruceatweddings #hcafc #HullCity #MNF

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