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    21 Cringey TV Guide Fails That Should Never Have Happened

    The move from printed to electronic TV guides has not made them any less error-prone.

    1. We certainly missed this particular Spongebob episode.

    2. "Features gratuitous country & Western music."

    3. It seems unlikely that the person who wrote the Walking Dead description has actually watched it.

    4. Yes, England playing cricket can be pretty scary.

    5. When someone wrote this less-than-enthusiatic synopsis for American Idol.

    6. This description from Sky which isn't at all a spoiler.

    7. Maybe Time Warner should watch Day of the Jackal before assuming it's a nature documentary?

    8. This is the greatest 24-word synopsis of any film, ever.

    9. This unkind use of a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker.

    10. This Australian newspaper's take on the Charlie Sheen show.

    11. Is Martine McCutcheon the one on the left or the right?

    12. This description, which might be a BIT too poetic.

    13. This unfortunate combination.

    14. This painful-sounding show.

    15. This description of the Queen's Christmas Day speech in an Irish TV guide.

    16. When someone mixed up the warnings for Game of Thrones with Sesame Street.

    17. This German TV guide's unfortunate muddling of two US sitcoms.

    18. This defiling of two family films.

    19. That time Alan Shearer offered "expert anal".

    20. When someone went on a rant mid-synopsis.

    21. This straightforward plot spoiler.