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    Posted on Nov 28, 2013

    All You Need To Know About Advertising In 3 Charts

    This is what disruption looks like in adland.

    Things are looking up in the advertising world, with analysts predicting 4% growth for 2013 and an improved 2014. But it's clear where the growth is coming from.

    Group M

    This is the annual spend per sector since 2006, showing huge growth in online advertising (driven by search ads) and steady growth for TV.

    Or, if you prefer, let's look at how the advertising biz looked in 2006...

    Group M

    Compared to 2013. Spot the difference?

    Group M

    Traditional media's share of the total has stayed the same, while the online media has grown the total pie.

    So it's an industry increasingly dependent on digital media.

    Media buyer Group M expects UK advertising to grow 7% this year compared to 2012 - with the forecast for 2014 looking good too. Print still plays a massive role, but its share of the pie is shrinking.

    This is welcome news for publishers and a big turnaround from the post-2008 crash when advertising budgets stood still and things were pretty grim.

    But the changing needs of advertisers means it's going to be fascinating to see where everyone fits in a disrupted media economy.

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