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    A Scottish Council Just Built This Massive Ramp For A Wheelchair User

    West Dunbartonshire built this ramp to help seven-year-old Katie get in and out of her home.

    UPDATE – May 12: Clare's partner Derek has been in touch to say that, contrary to several reports, the family were in fact delighted with the ramp.

    He says that news coverage suggesting that they were upset by the ramp was inaccurate, and that the reported cost of £40,000 was only an estimate.

    He says: "We are delighted with the ramp we have in our front garden, It gives our daughter a better quality of life."

    He says an article in the The Clydebank Post touched on "how happy we are with the ramp, but would like a gate installed to stop the local youths going up and down on it with their skateboards, bikes ect." but subsequent coverage didn't make this clear.

    "We knew what was happening from day one, we worked with the council to cover ALL aspects of access to our property, and the ramp was the only safest means of access."

    Clare Lally, 33, from Duntocher, Clydebank, has been campaigning for two years for her local council to build ramp to help her daughter, seven-year-old Katie, to get in and and out of her house.

    Mark Sutherland/HEMEDIA

    The 60-metre steel ramp replaces the steps that were there when they moved in.

    Mark Sutherland/HEMEDIA

    Katie has the rare condition bulbar palsy, caused when her ands her twin sister were born prematurely, and uses a wheelchair to get around.

    Clare complains, however, that local kids are using it as a mini skateboard park.

    Mark Sutherland/HEMEDIA

    But she says it is now a lot easier for Katie to get in and out of the house.

    Mark Sutherland/HEMEDIA

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