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    A Reporter Singing "Happy Birthday" To Angela Merkel Is Fist-Bitingly Awkward

    At a press conference in Brussels, a reporter decided to congratulate the German chancellor on her 60th birthday. It was a very cringe moment.

    Reporter: "Before I put my first question, I think I speak on behalf of all my colleagues here in Brussels, I would like to congratulate you warmly on your birthday." / BBC

    Merkel: puzzled expression.

    Awkwardness rating: 4/10.

    "We wish you all the best, good health and everything, for the future." / BBC

    Merkel: Weak, confused smile.

    Awkwardness rating: 6/10

    "And if you are brave enough to listen to a birthday song, I want to sing now." / BBC

    Merkel: A definite "What the hell is he doing" face.

    Awkwardness rating" 9/10.


    Merkel: Smiling politely, but silently screaming "MAKE IT STOP".

    Awkwardness rating: 10/10.

    Just. Awful.

    Here is the full excrutiating episode, if you can stand it.

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