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A Glasgow Hostel Owner And Guest Got Into An Epic Argument On Facebook And Now It's Gone Viral

When Louise Taylor complained about the state of Blue Sky Hostel in Glasgow, she didn't expect the conversation to go viral. But after some angry responses from the owner and 700 comments later, it became a minor internet sensation.

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Why? Because of this review by Louise Taylor, a support worker and charity volunteer from Preston, who was up in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games and spent £100 for two people for one night at Blue Sky.

Facebook: louise.helen.taylor

Louise didn't have the best time there, and let the business owners know by tagging their Facebook page in her comment. Then, what can only be described as an internet shitstorm took place.

Todd Pedersen, the owner of the hostel, was quick to respond, sparking the first exchange between the pair.

Facebook: louise.helen.taylor

Unprovoked, Pedersen referred to the people in Taylor's room as "you retards", one of several insulting phrases from him during the evening, then clarified, "Yes I called you a retard," a few comments later.


Then came a suggestion that Taylor "put a heck of a load" on the bed, in order to bend it, which everyone saw as a way to call her fat. Pedersen later said this was just stating the facts about the beds.


So who is Todd Pedersen? He moved from Canada to Scotland in the 1990s. As the Glasgow Evening Times reported in 2006, he was fined £600 after pleading guilty to punching a man to the ground.

Glasgow Evening Times

In 2006 he was accused of using his own flat as an overspill for the hostel, with investigators finding 14 bunk beds in a three-bedroom flat. He claimed the people staying there were staff, or backpackers who needed somewhere to stay after boozy nights out.

He told the Evening Times after the investigation, "Blue Sky is an old-school hostel. If you can't afford to pay for a night then you help to clean or something. I'm not going to turn people away and make them sleep on the street.

"The place is never going to be five-star luxury. We're charging £8–£10 a head. I'm not here to rip people off. I could be charging much more."

Speaking about his assault conviction, he said, "It was a mistake. I was staggering down Sauchiehall Street and two junkies grabbed me and tried to rob me. In the end I had no choice but to plead guilty in court.

"It's not like I'm some bank-robbing criminal who's running a hostel."

What he may or may not be, his customer service style remains entirely unique.

We originally said it was £100 for one night at the hostel – but that price was for two people, making it £50 per person.