9 Underwhelming London Homes That Cost £1 Million Or More

There’s madness and then there’s London’s property market.

1. London and the South East is full of houses with seven-figure asking prices (or near enough) that don’t exactly match your expectations.

2. This “lovely 1 bedroom property in one of Mayfair’s most popular and bustling addresses” is just 461 square feet.


It can be yours for just…

3. This one-bedroom flat in a mews in the Hyde Park estate is described as “unmodernised”.


4. This studio flat in South Kensington - or bedsit, as they used to be called - has a roof terrace that’s bigger than the actual flat.


If have this amount of money spare, it’s yours …

5. This “recently refurbished townhouse” is one of the narrowest houses around. In total it is 171 square metres and about 4.2 metres wide.


6. It will only set you back …

But hey, “the property is adjacent to the small Georgian pub the Cask and Glass” so there’s always that.

7. Want to live opposite Harrod’s? In a not-particularly-impressive one-bed flat?


Well, now you can for just …

8. This is more like it. A one-bedroom terraced house in the Sussex commuter belt - a far more sensible choice than overpriced London.


Er, nope.

BuzzFeed has contacted the estate agent advertising this property to check the figure is accurate and not a mistake. They haven’t responded so far.

9. This sumptuous “lateral apartment” overlooking Regent’s Park is pretty special. You really would be living the dream.


But that price has a dream. That price is …

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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