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The 30 Most Head-Scratchingly Bizarre News Headlines Of All Time

This just a glimpse into how strange humankind really is.

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1. When the Sunday Sport made you look at Quavers in a different way.

2. When badgers inexplicably got dragged into this.

3. When an unfortunate page editor made this happen.

4. When this wanker got caught out.

5. In fact the Northern Territory News always tells it like it is, like when this dead woman was told to mow her own lawn.

6. "If you thought Casper was friendly, you should meet Kevin."

7. When this topless protester interrupted Funtik, the psychic pig who can predict the outcome of football matches. / Reuters / Gleb Garanich

8. All of these South African headlines.

9. When this epic battle happened.

10. "Hey let's go swimming! Oh, maybe not."

11. That time wallabies made some crop circles.

12. That time this actor "performed a sex act under a hat".

13. When a Britney fan stole a dog.

14. When it ended badly for these raving dolphins.

15. When this "flashy man of God" was terrorised by a "monster whopper".

16. When the ghost of Michael Jackson's monkey committed sexual assault from beyond the grave.

17. When this meatball tragedy happened.

18. This one definitely doesn't need checking.

19. When this unfortunately named police chief ordered an important crackdown.

20. When this chimp's day out went horribly wrong :-( .

21. When this penguin attracted more votes than a mainstream political party.

22. When The Sun warned us about Nazi raccoons invading from Europe.

23. When officials were suspicious of this entertaining bear.

24. When this man showed just what Scottish men are made of.

25. Come on, we've all done it.

26. When this Nazi-defying tortoise came back from the dead.

27. When this cow seduced a man, somehow.

28. When this happened.

29. You have to at least applaud the effort here.

30. What is it with badgers?