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    21 Things That Could Only Happen In Sheffield


    1. This all-purpose phrase.

    francesbushell94 / iStock

    2. The decision by this branch of Greggs to get a bouncer, just in case.

    Flickr: pauliewoll / Creative Commons / Via Twitter: @John_murphy1

    3. This van.

    4. When there wasn't enough water to run the half marathon, and everyone just did it anyway.

    5. This romantic pork-based Valentine's Day offer.

    olgakr / iStock / Via Twitter: @juliandobson

    6. This breaking news.

    7. This elephant who pulled scrap metal and military equipment around the place. / Via

    There's a long story behind this, but in short: The elephant was called Lizzie and worked for Thomas Ward's scrap metal business during the First World War. When Sheffielders say "you're like Tommy Ward's elephant", they mean you're on the heavy side.

    8. This mini castle selling bacon butties.

    9. This tribute to Henderson's. / Via

    This is Henderson's, for the uninitiated.

    10. Getting the 41 bus to Halfway and understanding what it means.

    11. This slow news day.

    12. Someone running around in their pants in the snow behind a BBC journalist.

    13. This reaction to becoming a Hollywood star.

    14. This tree in the middle of the road.

    15. This radio phone-in topic.

    16. When someone found a Sheffield Wednesday shirt at the bottom of their pond after 18 years.

    17. This school's sign.

    18. This tram-based turn of phrase.

    peplow / iStock / Via Twitter: @emma_lax

    19. When someone put a carvery on at a disco.

    20. This gripping news story.

    21. When this happened.

    Flickr: chocoadicta / Creative Commons

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