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    16 Vines Of People Who Just Can't Handle It

    This is an in-depth study into people losing it, big time

    1. This kid in Miami who can't quite handle being on the big screen at a baseball game.

    2. This guy who can't handle losing at FIFA.

    3. This cyclist who can't handle a scary mattress.

    4. This music teacher who lost his shit.

    5. This shopper who wasn't expecting the cymbals.

    6. This guy who is not enjoying getting a tattoo.

    7. This boy who doesn't like having an insect on his back.

    8. Paul Merson.

    9. This cat who shouts NOOOOOOO when it's time for a bath.

    10. When hockey player Drew Doughty couldn't handle his team scoring.

    11. This little boy, who really doesn't want to be tickled.

    12. When this girl couldn't handle a little of the brakes.

    13. When Ian Beale had nothing left.

    14. Barry the cat, who can't handle being woken up.

    15. When Dez Bryant couldn't handle not being invited to the Halloween party.

    16. When DeStorm couldn't handle finding extra fries in the bottom of the bag.