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    The 16 Most Nigel Farage Moments Of All Time

    After leading UKIP for almost a decade, having survived his own resignation and repeated accusations of racism, Nigel Farage is stepping down.

    1. When he blamed immigration for traffic on the M4, which made him late for a meeting.

    Lynne Cameron / PA WIRE

    2. That time he defended a UKIP parliamentary candidate for using the words "chinky" and "poofters", before deploying a defence once used by Alan Partridge.

    Matt Crossick / PA WIRE

    3. When he got on a tank during a by-election campaign.

    Peter Byrne / PA WIRE

    4. The many, many times he's been pictured in the pub, pint in hand, while on the campaign trail.

    Stefan Rousseau / PA WIRE

    5. When a former Farage adviser said Farage insists on having a PFL – a Proper Fucking Lunch – at least once a week. This involves the consumption of two bottles of wine per person.

    6. When he said he'd scrap racial discrimination laws because they are "not relevant today" and so that British companies could employ British people ahead of foreigners.


    7. When he resigned as UKIP leader in May 2015, after UKIP failed to win the Thanet South seat in the general election...but stayed on anyway after the party rejected his resignation.


    8. When he claimed he was the target of an assassination attempt after the wheel of his car came loose (but later said the claim was a mistake).

    Nick Ansell / PA WIRE

    Farage was driving back to Britain from the European parliament and claimed that bolts on all four wheels of his Volvo had been tampered with. He later said this claim was a "terrible, terrible mistake".

    9. When he drove around in a massive anti-EU truck that was built in France.

    Nigel Farage has turned up with a massive anti-EU lorry built by a traditional British firm called Renault.

    10. When he led a flotilla down the Thames days before the EU referendum, chased by a rival fleet of Remain-supporting boats.

    Stefan Rousseau / PA WIRE

    11. And when, aboard his anti-EU battleship, he said doctors had "got it wrong" on the risks of smoking.

    I ask Nigel Farage why he's taken up cigarettes again. Farage: "I think the doctors have got it wrong on smoking"

    12. When he met a supporter who has a tattoo of his face on her arm.

    Ross PArry / SWNS
    Ross Parry / SWNS

    13. That time he said women who take maternity leave are "worth far less" to employers compared with women who sacrifice their family life for work.

    Facebook: video.php

    14. That time he backtracked after saying British people should be wary if a Romanian family moved in next door to them.

    Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    15. When he refused to apologise for this poster. "I can't apologise for the truth," he said.


    16. When he successfully campaigned for the UK to vote to leave the EU.

    Geoff Caddick / AFP / Getty Images

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