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The 16 Most Nigel Farage Moments Of All Time

After leading UKIP for almost a decade, having survived his own resignation and repeated accusations of racism, Nigel Farage is stepping down.

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5. When a former Farage adviser said Farage insists on having a PFL – a Proper Fucking Lunch – at least once a week. This involves the consumption of two bottles of wine per person.

8. When he claimed he was the target of an assassination attempt after the wheel of his car came loose (but later said the claim was a mistake).

Nick Ansell / PA WIRE

Farage was driving back to Britain from the European parliament and claimed that bolts on all four wheels of his Volvo had been tampered with. He later said this claim was a "terrible, terrible mistake".


9. When he drove around in a massive anti-EU truck that was built in France.

Nigel Farage has turned up with a massive anti-EU lorry built by a traditional British firm called Renault.

11. And when, aboard his anti-EU battleship, he said doctors had "got it wrong" on the risks of smoking.

I ask Nigel Farage why he's taken up cigarettes again. Farage: "I think the doctors have got it wrong on smoking"


13. That time he said women who take maternity leave are "worth far less" to employers compared with women who sacrifice their family life for work.

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