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13 Times People Were Batman In Real Life

There's a bit of the Dark Knight in all of us.

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2. When this Canadian Batman could only fight crime until 3am because he has to get up for work. / Via Instagram: @jmac__miller

3. That time Batman London couldn't put his trousers on...

(Unmute this to hear the sound!)

4. And interrupted a card game.

6. When Batdad watched the kids for an afternoon.

7. And when he woke up his kids in the most Batmanesque way possible.

8. When this man was actually called Batman.

He's not a superhero though, sadly: the 23-year-old Singaporean was caught breaking into a snooker hall and stealing S$500 and sentenced to 33 months in jail.

9. That time this Batman re-enacted Batman Begins in Cambridge with a considerably smaller budget.