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    Posted on Nov 13, 2013

    13 Things You Missed In Local Newspapers This Week

    You're a strange place, UK. With your whistling waterfowl, police-bothering cats and car-stabbing maniacs.

    1. An animal with that kind of ability shouldn't lack for a home. / Via @GuardianStyle

    2. And you have to be impressed that a creature without opposable thumbs can use a phone. To troll the police.

    3. This weeks's Most Appropriate Use of BREAKING NEWS Award goes to the Dewsbury Reporter.

    4. Hell hath no fury like a puddle-splashed pedestrian in Somerset.

    5. Things are hotting up in York.

    6. This is neither big nor clever.

    7. Things are getting weird in Kent. Plus, they don't make maniacs like they used to.

    8. And bad news for gymnasts in the area too.

    9. If there's one thing people in Harrogate don't like, it's wheelie bins.

    10. Nothing is sacred in Aylesbury.

    11. The drama and tension in Crawley is almost too much to handle.

    12. Gloucestershire is a hotbed of amateur sporting competitions, including the FA County Cup. Only problem is that someone's nicked the cup.

    13. And finally, one guinea pig in Pontypridd had a night to remember.

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