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    The Definitive Timeline Of Justin Bieber's Hair Evolution

    He just needs somebody to Dove.

    The year was 2009.

    A young Justin Bieber was slowly rising to fame, and his hair was the subject of everyone's attention.

    It was a hairstyle that hadn't been seen since the 60s.

    But this young boy had given the style a new life, and with his hair acting as a sort of propeller, he flew to stardom.

    Through 2010, Justin kept that signature look and focussed on refining the rest of his image.

    The hair was on point, and quickly became the star of the show. Things were going well for Justin, and even better for the hair; it seemed that at this point, nothing would stop it from reaching the top.

    The hair's career peaked as a guest star on CSI.

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    But as the life slipped away from Justin's character's eyes, so did the haircut we all knew and loved.

    Come January 2011, the hair was experimenting with new stylings of the iconic look.

    Some people weren't on board with the sudden change...

    The hair displayed the now "classic" look one last time in February 2011 before it moved on to a more styled and streamline look.

    This change was incredibly awkward for Madame Tussauds, who had just finished creating their wax sculpture of Bieber with the old hairstyle.

    There was a lot of confusion.

    As time passed, the hair pushed the limits of styling, trying to find the right look. By the end of the year, Vogue editor and renowned fashion-queen Anna Wintour decided it was time for a drastic change.

    Then this happened.

    For Beliebers the 2011/12 holidays were a time of celebration.


    And of course, gift-giving.

    2012. Changed. Everything.

    Justin turned 18, and thus made a change in his career. No longer was the hair cute and "boy next door", now it was hot, pushed back, and rugged.

    As always, the hair set the tone for Justin's entire new image, so when time came to release a new album and start touring, we saw a new Justin on stage.

    The 2012 hair gave no shits. It knew what it wanted, and it knew what everyone else wanted - HAIR.

    No longer was Justin accessorising with colour and flare, it was simple monochrome looks - and all about the hair.

    2013 was a big year for the hair.

    Kicking it all off with a trip to see Jimmy Fallon, the hair was given an incredible opportunity to meet other celebrity hairs. However, the hair had bills to pay, so off it went to the UK for a tour.

    After six months of touring, Justin's hair took a break.

    Once again, in an embarrassing turn of events, after Madame Tussauds released their new wax figure of Justin, the artist was spotted at New York Fashion Week with a new look. The extensive touring schedule that the hair dealt with was gruelling, so it took this as an opportunity to relax and chill out.


    2014 however, brought an extended break from all the hair drama.

    It did a few events and appearances.

    But mainly, the hair just wanted to better itself.

    However, the hair hinted at a big change in December 2014.

    IN 2015 THOUGH...

    It was looking good.

    The professional modelling life suited the hair.

    It grew itself out and waited...


    Then it launched a new album campaign and we were even more slain.

    As we all know, a new album = new hair.

    Was the blonde coming back in? Was it going to get cut back again? Was it going to be completely shaved off? We had so many questions!



    This hair cycle was going well so far.

    I MEAN:

    Then something happened...



    No one was prepared. It's 2015 and NO. ONE. WAS. PREPARED.


    It's never looked so goooooooood!

    The hair has always been beautiful, but right now it is better than ever.

    Thank you God for this gift.