29 Reasons Why Brenda Meeks Is Our True Queen


    1. If you've seen any of the Scary Movie franchise*, you'll know Brenda Meeks.

    2. Brenda is gorgeous.

    3. She's always prepared.

    4. And let's not forget, Brenda is sassy AF!

    5. She's not afraid to speak her mind...

    6. ...which often results in her being a bit too forward.

    7. But that's just Brenda.

    8. She's not bothered by what you think of her anyway.

    9. She's hella proud of her sexuality.

    10. She's not afraid to get kinky.

    11. She won't hesitate to defend herself.

    12. Because she knows that she's more important than anyone else.

    13. Brenda knows that not everyone can make it.

    14. She's a realist like that.

    15. Brenda's not going to bullshit with you.

    16. She's always dropping truth bombs.

    17. She has zero time for fucking around.

    Dimension Films / Via jackfalaheeyes.tumblr.com

    18. Her social commentary was on point.

    19. She's basically a psychic.

    Dimension Films / Via ds0tm.tumblr.com

    20. She's a method actress.

    Dimension Films / Via bbritney.tumblr.com

    21. And she committed to an on-screen career a long time ago.

    22. She's not gonna give that up easily.

    23. And she'll fight 'til the end.

    24. Brenda has all the qualities a leading woman needs.

    Dimension Films / Via theheterophobicguy.tumblr.com

    25. Yet somehow she doesn't have her own film yet...

    Dimension Films / Via vegetablelesagne.tumblr.com

    26. It's distressing!

    27. It's a mess!

    28. We need more Brenda in our lives ASAP.

    29. We want her movie please!