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Rihanna Sent Lizzo A Hilarious, NSFW Message Praising Her VMA Performance

"Don't get mad, Rihanna. I am not trying to blow up your spot."

FACT: Lizzo KILLED her VMA performance.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

But don't just take my word it. The mind-blowing performance also got a stamp of approval from none other than Rihanna!!!

CBC / Via

"She DM'd me to tell me that I performed good," Lizzo recently told ET. "She said I fucked the stage like it was my side bitch."

Alan Carr: Chatty Man / Via

"Don't get mad, Rihanna," she added. "I am not trying to blow up your spot, but that was a hard-ass line! I might take that line."

Atlantic Records / Via

If you've seen Lizzo's set, then you already know why Rih felt the need to slid in her DMs.

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And this isn't the first time Rih's praised Lizzo's performing skills. She also gave the "Truth Hurts" singer a standing ovation when she shut down the BET Awards earlier this summer.

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Glastonbury Festival / Via

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