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    Hate To Break It To You, But Paris Hilton Fooled You All Once Again

    She's been plotting world domination since age seven.

    At the beginning of 2018, Paris Hilton broke the internet when she announced she is now engaged to artist and actor Chris Zylka.

    Soon after the news broke, the world and international media started asking the important questions: WHERE ARE THEY GONNA GET MARRIED? WHEN IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN? WHO IS GONNA BE ON THE GUEST LIST? WHO IS GONNA DRESS HER?

    During a recent interview, Hilton and Zylka were questioned about when and where the wedding was going to be. Both played it off by saying "we are still planing..."

    Listen, I've been a Paris Hilton stan for 15 years now and I know FOR SURE that Miss Paris Hilton is not "still planning" ANYTHING.

    Miss Hilton is truly ahead of her time. Nothing has ever been a coincidence or an accident since the creation of her now almost THREE BILLION DOLLAR EMPIRE.

    Celebrity perfumes? Paris did it first. Getting paid to party? She did it first. Taking selfies? She did it first. Naming a city after her? France did it!

    Did you see Paris Hilton's tweet asking her followers for good wedding locations?

    You might look at this picture of 7-year-old Paris Hilton and think "aww what a cute girl!" BUT IN REALITY, THAT 7-YEAR-OLD WAS ALREADY PLOTTING WORLD DOMINATION!!

    Paris Hilton has her entire life planned exactly the way her heart desires.

    Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? It's because Paris Hilton DESIGNED the sky that way! The color blue is one of her favorites so she decided the sky should be baby blue.

    Paris Hilton's wedding is going to be the most iconic wedding the world has ever seen — such a powerful and iconic legend has been planning this day since before we all were born.

    So next time you hear Paris Hilton say she is "planning something" just know she is talking about an event that will occur in the next 60-80 years (minimum).

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