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    21 Reasons Danny Tanner Is The Perfect Parent

    We cook, we clean, we work, but somehow we all manage to fall just short of the wonder that is Danny Tanner. What makes him the perfect parent?

    1. He feels better when he has coffee.

    Tumblr / Via

    He's also got the "dad joke" down. And the combination of coffee and dad joke? Unstoppable.

    2. He always tries.

    Love Full House / Via

    Seriously, with a brother-in-law and a best friend as his only help, Danny tried his heart out.

    3. He's got great dad fashion sense...

    Love Full House / Via

    4. ...but is willing to accept fashion advice from friends.

    Love Full House / Via

    5. He understands the importance of the Fake Parent Laugh.

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    Sometimes, when your kid is insistent on making a bad joke at bed time, you just have to cackle like a madman, or actually lose your mind.

    6. He's always looking on the bright side.

    Love Full House / Via

    And his kids are smart enough not to fall for it.

    7. He enlists the family's help and keeps 'em in line.


    Everyone grab a mop!

    8. But he's also not afraid to cut loose.

    Full House Reviewed / Via

    Well, as loose as Danny Tanner can get, anyway.

    9. He understands the arbitrary nature gender roles.

    2 Damn Funny / Via

    10. Danny teaches his children pop culture history.

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    11. He always fits right in.

    Pete Neems / Via

    12. Danny ages well.

    Love Full House / Via

    13. He's always ready to show affection.

    We Heart It / Via

    14. And he knows all about love.

    15. He realizes life isn't like American Beauty.

    Tumblr / Via

    16. He can creep out any date his daughters bring home.

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    17. And he's not afraid to wrestle the boyfriend when needed.

    A House Full of Love / Via

    18. He knows when "judging you" is appropriate.

    College Candy / Via

    19. Especially when he's unamused.

    CNN / Via

    20. Remember: Danny Tanner gives the best heart-to-heart talks.

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    Complete with pregnant pauses.

    21. And through it all, he repeats the same important messages.

    Via @_you_got_it_dude

    So, we salute you, Danny Tanner!

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    Tumblr / Via

    Because you made sure of it.