I'm From Mexico But Work With A Lot Of Canadians, Here's What I've Learned

    Oh Canada, you're pretty amusing tbh.

    Hi! My name is Pao. I'm from Mexico, and work on Team BuzzFeed LATAM. Over the past year, I've worked closely with the BuzzFeed Canada team...and I've become obsessed with the Great White North.

    Girl touching a crystal structure

    I had zero context of Canadian culture before working here, and sadly, I've never been there either. But here are some things that I've learned about Canada while working with Canadians. Some are shocking; let's get into it!

    1. You guys talk really fast.

    2. The whole Toronto vs. Tronno thing.

    Drake saying 'I love Toronto. I love this team´

    3. You're actually very funny!

    Ryan Reynolds

    4. Which brings me to your sitcoms...

    The Letterkenny cast

    5. CANdor!

    6. You're not as obsessed with celebrity culture.

    The Kardashians sitting down

    7. Canadian common sense.

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    youtube.com / Via youtube.com

    I don’t wanna be licking nobody’s boots, but you have common sense and a self-awareness that just comes within. Now, I know some of you believed house hippos existed, but maybe (just maybe), that actually made you more analytic since childhood.

    8. You work hard.

    9. Foooooood!


    10. Canada is HUGE.

    Big lake and mountains

    11. There are winters, and then there are Canadian winters.

    Snow and pine trees

    12. Skating, skiing, and scary ice sports.

    13. You have very interesting slang.

    A girl watching a laptop confused

    Thank you so much for reading! Lmk your what your first impressions of Canada have been