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People Share The One Day In Their Past They'd Like To Repeat On An Infinite Loop

Today, tomorrow, yesterday, it’s all the same. Amazon Exclusive Palm Springs is now streaming December 18 on Prime Video.

To celebrate the release in Canada of Amazon Exclusive Palm Springs, the hilarious movie in which Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti are stuck repeating the same day, we asked our friends: What perfect day in your past would you like to live over and over on repeat?

1. "My wedding day, without a doubt. Marrying the love of my life, in front of all our favourite people in the world.

A long dinner, catching up with old friends and family, and then dancing all night to our favourite music. I would happily do it again and again and again."

—Jemma W.

2. "My last day of college. I felt like the possibilities were endless. And as grim as the world seemed to be, I felt empowered to change it. It was an awesome feeling that I've never felt again."


3. "When I went on a spontaneous vacation with a person I'd just started seeing. We stayed in this tiny cabin overlooking a turquoise lagoon.

On the first day, we lay in a giant hammock and ate papaya and read all morning. Later we swam for hours and then sat on the dock and had beers at sunset. I would like to repeat that day a million times."


4. "When my first-ever boy crush came over to my parents' place while they were away, and I experienced what felt like my first feelings of love.

It was 19 years of suppression released in my first, first date. Omg that was the best night ever."

—Andre R.

5. "It would actually be one of the perfect days I've had in Palm Springs, California. Waking up and having coffee on the patio with my dog, hanging by the pool all day with friends, and then going out dancing at night. Repeat."

—Rod W.

6. “I would honestly just want to redo a vaguely boring day up in the mountains with family during the summer when my husband’s mom was still around. A lazy, sunny day with no obligations.”


7. "Probably this day when me and some friends went to a random country music concert on the beach, and we were just dancing and drinking and it was warm. After dark, there was a campfire and we didn't want the day to end."


8. "I would be happy to relive a day when my boyfriend and I went on a big, muddy walk through the countryside with my dog Bert, and then had lunch and cider in a dark, cosy pub.

We got home, gave Bert a bath, put the fire on, got under my favourite fluffy, mint green blanket, and watched movies all night."


9. "The night I saw aurora borealis in Iceland. That feeling still feels like a dream to this day. It was like watching the sky dance in glitter."


10. "It would be the time I was at a resort in Mexico, just doing the usual things you do at a resort: sun, pool, drinks.

I took a nap by the pool under the shade of a large canopy, lying in a robe with the sound of the water all around me. And it was so freaking peaceful and relaxing. There was nobody else there, so it was one step away from heaven."


What perfect day in your past would you like to live over and over again? Share below!

Amazon Exclusive Palm Springs is streaming December 18 on Prime Video.

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Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.