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So we all know the market that is college park has been saturated by an influx of pizza places lately. But luckily for this market the supply will never out match the demand. Pizza is a staple of every person in CP's diet, so i have decided to do you all a favor and rank these places so next time *in a few hours most likely* when you have a pizza craving you know where to go.

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1. Top Tier: SLICES

Whether you are stone cold sober or beyond blacked out I think we can all agree that slices is the real MF deal. UMD has a pretty large New York population and even most of them will agree that slices isn't so bad (which is saying a lot). Plus they have the most extensive menu of pizzas by far. Weather you want a meat lovers with extra buffalo sauce or a vegan slice they got you covered.

2. Top Tier: PIZZA MART

While Pizza Mart is still a new born in regards to the CP pizza game, it's new and fresh and they're jumbo slice is bigger then Pizza Kingdom's *see below* jumbo slice. Me thinks me like. Plus its a second location for the original pizza mart that opened in down town adams morgan so that means its probably trendy. And CP loves trendy.


Pizza Kingdom is a pretty great place. Besides the fact that it claims it is a kingdom, (hich therefore makes anyone who goes inside royalty), it's logo is also in giant trendy block letters, that may cause drunk you to forget that you're walking in to a pizza place and not a club. Pizza kingdom would have ranked higher if Pizza Mart hadn't just out done their jumbo slice, and if they were in a better location. Sometimes that extra walk around the corner is just too far.

4. Middle Tier: RATSIES

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Ratsies and its unique owner Mr. Ratsie used to be a staple of CP late night pizza, but alas the competition has knocked it down a little. Don't get me wrong Ratsies is still a great place for late night pizza, and their pizza dough is incomparably soft and fluffy, but when I'm downtown and it's 1am Ratsies just isn't the spot anymore. But its still a great go to if you need a greasy slice of heaven on the fly.

5. Middle Tier: LEDOS

Ledos pizza taste amazing, Its sauce is perfect and its crust is heaven on earth. Plus, they don't cut corners! the Decision of weather to include Ledos in top tier or middle tier was a tough on, but unfortunately due to its high prices, the fact that you can't get just one slice, and the fact that you can't get it late night have all pushed Ledos down to middle tier. If you're parents love pizza just as much as you Ledos is the place to take them when they come to visit and want a nice sit down meal without having to go too far.

6. Middle Tier: PAPA JOHNS

Did you really think I'd forget the chain pizza places?! Papa Johns has managed to maintain a middle tier status unlike its other chain counterparts, for one simple reason. Better ingredients = better pizza. Plus Peyton Manning endorses Papa Johns. And even you fans who hate the Bronco's more then life itself have to admit Peyton is a stud.


Pizza Autentica is the definition of middle tier. The pizza is alright, everything else on the menu is alright and the atmosphere is alright. In fact if it didn't have a name that made it sound kind of legit to the dumb college kids it serves it would probably rank even lower on the list. The one good thing about Pizza Autentica is its location. While it may not be as close to downtown as the others, it is the only easily accessible pizza place for the View and the Varsity. Freshman need pizza too guys.

8. Bottom Tier: DOMINOS

I remember when I was a ten year old girl at my first sleepover and Dominos seemed like the best thing ever. Yes its still hot pizza that you yourself don't have to waste any precious energy making but it is very bottom tier. The one thing Dominos does have going for it is that is is the National Pizza of After School Meetings. Lets be honest, you wouldn't be in half as many clubs if it wasn't for the free Dominos they offered after meeting.

9. Botton Tier: PIZZA BOLI'S

Wait what who knew we had a Pizza Boli's? You did... but only because its located right next door to CP Liquors *see picture*. Pizza Boli's is not only a bottom tier chain store, but it is also awkwardly far away. When I am deciding what shitty chain pizza place to order from on a saturday night, I automatically assume that due to their close location papa johns and dominos will be able to deliver faster. And when you want pizza... faster = better.

10. Bottom Tier: 711

oh yea... we're counting 711 in this race. Every stoner in the world swears by 711 pizza, but we aren't buying it. First off- 711 pizza always looks like it is atleast 5 days old and it probably is. Second- WHY DOES 711 EVEN SELL PIZZA. They have everything else we could ever need so leave the pizza to the pros *see above*

11. Honorable Mention: BLAZE PIZZA

I recently read an article that a place called Blaze Pizza was opening in College Park, so naturally I googled this rumor immediately to verify the gossip. And yes, it is true, WE ARE GETTING ANOTHER PIZZA PLACE. While you (like myself when i first heard the news) are probably smh-ing about the fact that there are so many other food options that could open as opposed to another pizza place hold your judgement. Blaze Pizza looks so good that is could potentially knock out slices *I went there*. Check out their website and prepare to get hungry. According to their website below their coming in late 2014.

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