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  • Ranking Of The Best Salad Spots In DC

    As the clock strikes noon everyone in the work force has the same instantaneous reaction… LUNCH TIME! Obviously all anyone really wants is to go down the food trucks and load up on greasy delicious kabob, but in true America style we are all on a mission to lose five pounds. This results in most people begrudgingly picking a salad for their lunch fare over any kind of carbo-loaded sandwich. While a salad may not always be our first choice for lunch food I have made this choice a little easier for everyone by ranking the best salads in the DC area. Now next time you can actually look forward to your healthy lunch option.


    So we all know the market that is college park has been saturated by an influx of pizza places lately. But luckily for this market the supply will never out match the demand. Pizza is a staple of every person in CP’s diet, so i have decided to do you all a favor and rank these places so next time *in a few hours most likely* when you have a pizza craving you know where to go.

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