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    • pacomadrid

      Self-reflection on Romanian website: Speaking of experiments, a few remarks about the Romanian artist Cezar’s performance (in picture below). I feel so sorry for Romania and its competitor, but in my opinion our choice was out of…sync. Europe needs more simple things, back to basics let’s call it, but we came up with something unusual, a contra tenor voice (something rare and very difficult to understand and appreciate) ….in other words, an experiment. People need beautiful and peaceful things, to balance their tough lives, but Romania brought toughness and darkness into the competition. cezar ouatu facebook eurovisionCezar’s voice, his eccentric, black sparkling clothes and all his acting were totally unsuitable to the general context, I think. It seems as Romania gambled too much on something and didn’t take into account the European social and, above all, psychological pattern and this inability led to the poor result – we ranked 13th. I think we tried to prove something – I don’t know what- our marketing was very poor and in spite of the very aggressive and at times unusual promotion of the Romanian competitor, we succeeded to be again the far and weird country. Maybe, for the next similar events we should pay more attention to the context, we should make a real market study and we should understand Dracula’s icon isn’t the most suitable for country branding, especially nowadays. This should be another lesson learned – and I hope we’ll not complain about our result and we’ll not begin to look for the voting system mistakes or the European enemies which we have. We were simply out of synch with Europe.

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