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Sep 22, 2015

Pan Dulce Is The Most Delicious Thing You Need To Try

There's no such thing as eating just one.

Bread is pretty great.

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It's the best carb in existence and it comes in many different varieties.


Pasta is good too, but come on now.

But there's one type that is truly greater than all the rest.

I'm talking about pan dulce.

Pan dulce is Spanish for "sweet bread," and it is delectably life-changing.

To start, it comes in SO MANY different presentations and flavors.

The most iconic of them is obviously the concha.

And it's far more colorful than any of your basic bread faves.

There are even backpacks made in honor of this beauty, because why the hell not?

Some other sweet treats include the sugar-coated cuerno...

...the polvorón... oreja...

...and even a pig-shaped one lovingly called "el marranito."

Choosing each one in the panadería is literally a thrill...

...and eating them is even better.

Whether you're alone with a nice cup of champurrado...

...or with friends and family...

... there's no denying that pan dulce can make your life a whole lot sweeter.

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